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SciRobotics - Scientific Robotics Solutions

SciRobotics Ltd. provides advanced products and solutions for life science scientific laboratories worldwide. 
Our products enhance usage of lab robotics for research labs in the biotech industry and in academic labs. 
  TubeEye: Automated Buffy-Coat extraction and Blood Fractions Processing
GFPickolo Fluorescent Colony Picking  PickoCell™ picking stem-cell colonies on Tecan Robots 

PetriLab - All-in-one Solution for the Microbiology Laboratory on Tecan platform

The PickoloMI™ enables MALDI-TOF target spotting for bacterial identification

an add-on for Tecan's 
Freedom EVO® robot series 

Turn your Tecan robot into a fully automated cloning workstation.

Colony picking is a generic labor intensive task that usually done in a context of additional upstream and downstream processes such as in typical cloning protocols. An industrial colony picker is a single task high cost stand-alone instrument. In contrast, with the Pickolo add-on you can now turn your Tecan robot into a colony picker and enjoy colony picking at an affordable price while in addition use the same robot to fully automate your cloning protocol and further increase your saving.Turn your Tecan robot into a powerful cloning station using the Pickolo colony-picker add-on.