MALDI identification from bacterial colony

MALDI-TOF Spotting from Bacterial Colony with Pickolo on Tecan platform

A fully automated, flexible solution for sample preparation for bacterial identification using MALDI-TOF 

The field of microbial identification is changing rapidly with MALDI-TOF Mass Spec becoming the standard. This technology allows for high-throughput, low-cost, reliable and quick bacterial identification but requires the picking and placing (spotting) of up to 192 microbial colonies onto a single MALDI plate and the dispensing of Matrix solution on top. Pickolo by SciRobotics on Tecan platform fully automates this process and includes documenting the petri-dish, picking the colony and placing it and the Matrix solution onto the MALDI plate. Alternatively a manual mode is provided, allowing an operator to either confirm chosen colonies or manually choose the colonies for analysis.
For true "walk-away" MALDI spotting, add PetriSel, SciRobotics' Carousel for Petri-Plates, with a capacity of 180 Petri-Plates.

Prepare 192 samples for MALDI-TOF bacterial identification while eliminating error and providing full sample traceability and process documentation.



·         Imaging and documentation – Automated imaging and documentation of petri dish

·     Automatic or Manual mode – An operator can either confirm the chosen colonies, choose them on-screen or allow automatic mode for a true "walk-away" solution

·         High power camera – Industrial grade high resolution camera

·         Image analysis – Choose colonies by size, color or other parameters or manually. The colonies picked are documented

·         Colony Picking – Use disposable tips, no cross contamination

·         Target Spotting – Reliably place the colony every time

·         Dispense Matrix solution – Either after spotting or before for quickest operation

·         180 Petri-dish capacity – Add-on Carousel with 12 flexible stackers allows walk-away operation

·          Fast – Process up to 70 petri dish per hour. Spot up to 140 spots per hour