Pickolo- Colony-Picker

Pickolo is a colony-picker add-on for Tecan robots. The product enable advanced and fully automated micro-organism colony picking from agar plates, both Petri-dish and various multi-well plate formats, based on diverse criteria such as size , shape and color of the colonies. The product seamlessly installed on to the robot in just a few minutes. The software is easily integrated into regular Tecan scripts such as Freedom EVOware® software enabling colony picking downstream and upstream to other robotic tasks. 

PetriPlater    Spiral-Plater

An add-on that enable automated petri-dish plating and streaking by a liquid handling robot. This add-on uses the robot tips to dispense diluted samples on a rotating petri-dish.  Using the robot it provides the customer to perform both the dilution and the plating steps in an unattended manner saving labor cost and increase accuracy.

PickGel™ Gel-Extraction

This add-on provides the user with the ability to extract bands and spots 
using the robot after isolation in a gel. A camera capture the gel image and guide the robot to pick the desired bands based on user defined criteria or direct user selection. Accurate gel extraction is achieved while the operator is avoiding the close exposure to harsh environment of U.V. light and stains like Ethidium Bromide.

PickoloMI- MALDI-TOF Sample preparation

PickoloMI is a robotic sample preparation for MALDI-TOF Microbial Identification. It is based on Tecan Freedom EVO® and SciRobotics Pickolo™. The product automates and streamlines the workflow of sample preparation for MALDI-TOF indetifiction including colony-picking ,smearing on MALDI target, matrix solution handling and full sample tracking and image documentation. Suitable for both Bruker's biotyper and Biomeriuex's Vitek-MS MALDI-TOF analyzers.

PetriSel  Petridish Carousel

A robotic storage device for petridishes. The PetriSel extends the robot storage to upto 180 petridishes and enable increased walk-away and continues loading of petridish for processing by ther Pickolo and the PetriPlater

FluHema™ hemagglutination robotic anlyzer

SciRobotics FluHema™ adds tilting, imaging and analysis capabilities to the Evo Platform. It is designed to automate the analysis of hemagglutination titration assays. All results are documented and can be reviewed easily by lab personnel. Combined with Freedom EVO®extensive range of microplate storage and handling solutions your titration assay can now be fully automated..

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