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FluHema™ Hemagglutination Analyzer

Tilt & Imaging and Analysis Module for Hemagglutination Assay

Hemagglutination (HA), Hemagglutination Inhibition (HI) and Complement Fixation assays are all used for the purpose of quantification of ABs, bacteria or viruses using titration. While preparation can be done on Tecan Evo platform today, analysis is still done manually by inspecting the resulting microplates and assessing the results by eye. Also, documentation of the results are lacking.
FluHema(tm)  analyzer tilted
Product description:
SciRobotics FluHema™ adds tilting, imaging and analysis capabilities to the Evo Platform. It can image an assay microplate, interpret the results and report them in multiple ways. Plates can be tilted for imaging at up to 65°. Results are analyzed using advanced computer vision techniques to identify positive vs. negative wells. The algorithm can be  easily tailored by the user to his specific assay by providing typical examples. All results are documented and can be reviewed easily by lab personnel. Combined with Freedom EVO® extensive range of microplate storage and handling solutions your titration assay can now be fully automated.

FluHema analysis


  • Tilting at up to 65°.
  • Easy Teaching
     of new samples
  • Flexible Profiles for diverse assays.
  •  Imaging and analysis take seconds.
  • Documentation of images and results.
  • Annotated image 
  • Export results to Excel or text file.
  • Easy to use.

Package includes:

  • Camera – Industrial high-resolution camera.
  • FluHema tilting carrier –  including adapter for microplates.
  • Backlight – for microplate illumination.
  • Software Package.



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