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PetriPlater™ Robotic Spiral Plating and Streaking

The PetriPlater is an add-on device and software for Tecan robots. The product enables fully automated sample inoculation on  Petri-dish using both "spiral plating" and "spiral streaking" methods.  This add-on integrated on a Tecan robot provide affordable high-throughput solution. The  PetriPlater can be easily integrated with upstream liquid-handling, serial dilution and colony-picking tasks and provide powerful automated solution for Petri-dish inoculation.

Spiral Plating.
Spiral Plating
Spiral plating is used for plating liquid samples over the agar surface in standardized and repeatable manner. The user may flexibly controlled the sample volume and density of inoculation. Excellent solution for microbiology labs in the food , cosmetics and pharma industries. Multiple sample dilutions can be squeezed on a single plate (See multi-segment image below), saving both on the PetriDishes cost and processing time.

Multi-Segment spiral plating           Petri-Spiral
        Multi-Segment plate                                 Single-Segment plate


In this method, the robot slowly dispenses the sample while the Petri-dish is simultaneously rotating and linearly moving on the Petri-Plater tray creating a spiral pattern on the Petri-dish. This pattern gradually spread the bacteria over the plate in a uniform and repetitive manner. Further more, by controlling the movement profile of the device the user has the flexibility to control colony spacing and dilutions across the spiral pattern, achieving better  colony isolation pattern.

Spiral Streaking
Spiral streaking is used for achieving colony isolation from high-concentration microbial cultures. Sample is spread on the petridish radius in streaked in a spiral pattern to achieve isolation. The metod uses standard robot disposable tips. No need for expensive applicators. Liquid samples can be taken from any type of container tubes or plates. Integrated with Pickolo colony-picker the sample can be taken from another petridish as well. Excelent for automatic streaking of blood, urine samples and many other types of samples.
            Spiral Streaking

Spiral Streaking

In this method the robot pipete the sample as a line on the plate radius. Then sample is streaked in a spiral pattern using the same disposable tip to achieve colony isolation. The operator may control the sample volumes and spiral density.