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PetriSel™: Petri-Dish Carousel Add-On for Tecan Robots

PetriSel™ is petri-dish storage add-on for Tecan robots. It provides an automated and easily integrated storage solution for up to 180 petri-dish. The PetriSel™ includes 12 stackers containing up to 15 petri-dish each. The petriSel™ includes a sensor that automatically counts the number of dish in each tower and enables the robotic arm to access the top stacker position for either taking or returning the plate. This automatic plate sensing enables easy operation and long walk-away time for petri-dish driven tasks. Furthermore it enables continuous loading mode in which the user places plates in input towers and the robot program automatically processes those plates with no need for user interaction. The robotic arm takes the petri plate directly from the carousel using special finger adapters specifically designed to hold a petri dish on the robot. This allows the carousel to work with no transfer station or shuttles and greatly speeds up operation. It integrates seamlessly into EVOware® scripts and to other SciRobotics modules such as the Pickolo™ and PetriPlater™. It is possible to customize some of the carousel towers in order to provide flexible storage for other robot needs such as tips and plates.

  • Up to 180 petri-dishes stacked in 12 towers
  • Automatic plate height detection via sensor
  • RoMa finger adapters designed to handle petri-dish
  • Easy integration with EVOware®
  • Optional customized towers provide versatile storage