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PickGel™ Gel-Extraction

PickGel™:  Robotic Gel Extraction Add-On for Tecan Robots

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Automate the labor intensive task of gel extraction.

 A common technique in molecular biology is gel extraction, used to isolate a desired fragment of intact DNA from an agarose gel following agarose gel electrophoresis. The procedure often involves manual cutting of the gel either by scalpel or by using a special pipette tip under UV light. This is a slow procedure, carried out by a lab technician. It requires the technician to be exposed to harsh environment, including Ethidium Bromide and UV light, for an extended period of time. Automatic gel cutting machines are expensive machines which can perform only a single task. The PickGel™ by Scirobotics Ltd. is the first automated gel picking solution provided as an add-on for a liquid handling robot. The PickGel™ is an affordable automated gel cutting solution that can be further integrated into a Tecan robot to allow downstream applications such as gel extraction kits for DNA purification. Other types of Gel spot picking are also available on the PickGel™



 Product Description:

The PickGel™ is an add-on device and software for Tecan robots. The product enables automated and semi automated gel extraction based on a camera attached to the robot arm, image analysis software and special robot light carriers and tips. The user can define flexible criteria for band selection or select the bands using the software by clicking it on the image. Following the selection the robot will accurately pick the gel bands and collect them into plates or tubes for further processing by the robot.


  • More than 200 bands per hour
  • Diverse visualization options
  • Easy integration with downstream applications
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to install

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PickGel gel extraction add-on