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PickoCell™ picking stem-cell colonies on Tecan Robots

Picking of stem cells colonies is becoming a growing need and a labor intensive task in stem cells research laboratories. Scirobotics PickoCell™ add-on for Tecan robots enable fully automated stem cells colonies picking while using the same robot for automating many other stem cell related bioassays.
The PickoCell™ add-on is composed of a special dark field illumination table combined with high-resolution camera and Pickolo versatile and flexible image analysis software. The solution provides both interactive or automatic colony selection based on diverse criteria of the desired colonies.
Using the robot tips, colonies covered with a thin layer of media are accurately and gently aspirated from the plate bottom and dispensed into any kind of tube or collection plate while keeping the colonies viable and intact. The solution can be installed on the affordable model of Evo75 thus, the tedious work of selecting and picking pluripotent stem-cells colonies can now be fully automated at an affordable manner.

PickoCell -automated stem-cell colonies picking

Microscope image of the colony picked into a 96 well plate. 
Gentle aspiration of the colony keeps the colony intact.
PickoCell Colonies

PickoCell movie

Features and Benefits:
  • Automatic picking of stem-cells colonies
  • Picking adherent cells colonies grown in standard plates and culture media
  • Gentle colony aspiration keeps colony viable and intact
  • Automatic or interactive colony selection
  • Fast and efficient – up to 600 colonies per hour
  • Suitable for both fixed and disposable tips
  • Automatic documentation
Package includes:
  • High-resolution camera with Megapixel Lens
  • Dark field Light-table carrier with Petri dish adapter
  • Pickolo™ Software
  • Fittings and calibration tools