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Pickolo™ Colony-Picker

Product Description

Pickolo is a colony-picker add-on for Tecan robots. The product enable advanced and fully automated micro-organism colony picking from agar plates, both Petri-dish and various multi-well plate formats, based on diverse criteria such as size , shape and color of the colonies. The product seamlessly installed on to the robot in just a few minutes. The software is easily integrated into regular Tecan scripts such as 
Freedom EVOware® software enabling colony picking downstream and upstream to other robotic tasks. The software generates automatic documentation of the picked colonies.

Pickolo- Colony-picker add-on

Read Pickolo case study at GEN here

Current customers

Pickolo is currently used by our customers around the world in the United States, France, Spain, Russia, Israel as well as in Australia. References and further details will be provided upon request.

Pickolo in action

Customers testimonial

"As part of Evogene's approach of being at the forefront of plant biotechnology, we are continuously exploring integration of new technologies and improving our in-house capabilities in order to accelerate and make our plant validation process more efficient.


Picking colonies for PCR screening used to be a labor intensive task in our cloning process. Thanks to the Pickolo on our Tecan robot we were able to automate the colony-picking process and integrate it with the downstream colony-

PCR screen preparation. We significantly speed up our process and made it more efficient. Our lab employees easily adopted the use of the Pickolo and are very happy with its friendly software and smooth operation.


We are very proud to be the 1st company to adapt the Pickolo in Israel!"


Dr. Alin Sela-Brown

Head of Biology Lab, Evogene Ltd.

Using the pickolo since March,2010

  • Fast performance up to 800 colonies per hour
  • Full automation with upstream and downstream applications
  • Flexible selection criteria by color, size and more
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to install


Package Includes

  • Industrial high-resolution camera with MegaPixel computer vision lenses
  • Aluminum back-light carrier for Tecan robots including adapter to microplate and Petri-dish and calibration tool.
  • Colony-picking software package for automated image analysis and robot control that allows sophisticated and fully automated colony-picking based on diverse criteria of colony’s size, shape and color and smooth integration into regular robot scripts.