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GFPickolo - GFP Fluorescence Colony Picking

GFP fluorescence imaging and sophisticated analysis of picking microbial and Hybridoma clones.

optional extension for the Pickolo colony-picker add-on

Fluorescence colonies are widely used in research labs screening operations. With the GFPickolo extension, the Pickolo colony-picker add-on for Tecan robots can now perform fluorescence imaging of colonies expressing GFP (and optionally other fluorophores) and select the colonies based on sophisticated and flexible criteria combining properties from both back-light imaging and fluorescent imaging. Screening and isolation of monoclonal mammalian cell lines such as Hybridomas, CHO cell lines microbial clones and others can now be performed efficiently with the new GFPickolo extension.

Extension features

  • High-resolution industrial grade camera and lens (10MB)
  • Optical filter for the fluorescence imaging
  • Software controlled illumination
    • Backlight illumination
    • External illumination for fluorophore excitation
  • Advanced image analysis:
    • Combined analysis of backlight and fluorescent images
    • Diverse selection criteria by: total fluorescence, average fluorescence, max fluorescence and other criteria
  • Halo fluorescent analysis of secreted factors
  • Batch mode analysis: Select your best clones from a  batch of multiple plates
  • Image Documentation of selected clones
  • Optional support for  alternative fluorophores