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TubeEye: Automated Buffy-Coat extraction and Blood Fractions Processing

TubeEye™ brings fully-automated fast and affordable image based fraction analysis and Buffy-coat extraction to the Freedom EVO® platform.

Product Description:
Blood fractionation and Buffy-coat extraction are a labor intensive task performed for Biobanking as well as various other research and diagnostics applications.
SciRobotics TubeEye™ is a tube imaging and analysis add-on for the Tecan Freedom EVO® with PosID3®. It enables automated and fast blood fractionation such as plasma extraction or buffy-coat separation. The module attaches a camera directly to the EVO PosID3® module and works with standard Tecan tube racks. Flexible analysis software calculates the volume and height of each fraction which are used by the robot to perform tasks such as plasma aliquoting and buffy coat extraction.

  • Identify Plasma, serum and buffy coat fractions
  • Flexible fraction analysis
  • Fully automated processing
  • Fast - Analyse 96 Tubes within 3 minutes
  • Works with any tube rack and any tube
  • Sample tracking and image documentation of tubes
  • Affordable solution
Package includes:
  • Camera module – Industrial high-resolution USB camera with adapter for PosID3 connection
  • TubeEye Software Package
  • Ready made scripts for easy setup