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Colony counting for Food QC microbiology labs

Colony counting is a common procedure in many food ,cosmetics and pharma industrial QC (quality control) microbilogy labs. In this assay a sample undergoes multiple serial dilution steps. Each of the dilutions is then plated into a different petri-dish. After 24-48 hours of incubation the colonies are counted and the resulting CFU (colony forming units)  measure is calculated for the sample.
This task is labor intensive and highly repetitive in many microbiology labs. Bench top devices such as Spiral-plater or colony counter still require a technician during operation and do not solve the serial dilution effort.

SciRobotics Ltd.  presents a comprehensive and cost effective automated solution, automating all 3 major tasks in the colony-counting assay. (See PetriPlater page for movie)
Automated Serial Dilution, Spiral-plating and colony counting workstation
All in one solution:
    Serial dilution
    Reduce lab-cost
    Long walk-away time
    Stable performance
    Flexible use
    Image analysis for colony  counting

Based on the proven and affordable Tecan Evo75 liquid handling robotic platform.

Automatic counting
Advanced image analysis software                  Stable performance of dilution and plating

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