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All-in-one Solution for the Microbiology Laboratory on Tecan platform


A cost effective, flexible automated solution for the Microbiology Laboratory.

All around the world Microbiology Labs deal with thousands of petri dish daily, plating, analyzing and picking, mainly using manual labor. To meet the growing needs of the modern microbiology lab and enable deployment of new technologies such as MALDI-TOF bacterial identification there is a strong need for a comprehensive and flexible automated solution. The PetriLab™ combines microbiology capabilities on top of the proven Tecan platform to provide an all-in-one solution designed for “walk-away” petri-dish handling.

Carry out many labor-intensive tasks automatically on one small, fully customizable platform.


·         Plating – Support for diverse media and sample tracking

·         Imaging and documentation – Automated documentation and reporting to LIMS

·         Colony-picking (isolation) – Isolate colonies for downstream processing such as VITEK sample normalization

·         MALDI-TOF MS sample preparation – Picking and Spotting onto MALDI target for MALDI-TOF bacterial identification such as VITEKMS or BioTyper

·         Antibiotic Susceptibility testing – Dispense Antibiotics discs and analyze inhibition zones automatically.

·         Image analysis – Colorimetric colony counting and MIC analysis

·         Flexible liquid handling – Sample dilutions, sub-sampling and normalization

·         180 Petri-dish capacity – Add-on Carousel with 12 flexible stackers allows walk-away operation