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PickoloMI™ - for MALDI-TOF Microbial Identification

Robotic Sample Preparation for MALDI-TOF Microbial Identification.
Based on Tecan Freedom EVO® and SciRobotics Pickolo
MALDI-TOF Mass-spectrometry is becoming the leading method for microbial identifications in clinical and food labs based on technologies such as Bruker's Biotyper. The Pickolo-MI™ introduced by Scirobotics Ltd. is providing a state of the art automated solution for sample preparation for MALDI-TOF Microbial identification.

The solution is based on the powerful liquid handling robotic platform by Tecan and Scirobotics' colony-picking add-on, the Pickolo™.

The Pickolo-MI™ benefits our customers with reduced lab effort, prevention of human errors, comprehensive sample tracking, image documentation and automatic reporting and file generation for the BioTyper software.

Automatic -- fully automated unattended mode 
Interactive -- user may interactively click on image to select colonies
Direct smearing -- colony is smeared directly on MALDI target using disposable tip
Smart algorithm -- specifically designed for automatic colony selection for MALDI
Sample tracking -- Samples are automatically assigned to spots using a barcode reader
Friendly interface -- for easy operation and progress tracking
Documentation -- easy review of plate and colony images from previous runs
Reports -- Generate reports and sample file for Bruker's Biotyper

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